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Brad and Sherry announce their long-awaited new book,


Release Date: April 12, 2016

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Are we alone or are there intelligent life-forms out there? Or are they already amongst us? Can we even know the Truth? Exploring the myths, stories, history, and facts of documented encounters, mysterious experiences, and unexplained visitors, Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger examines the “other” forms, entities and beings inhabiting our universe.

Building on their decades of research into the paranormal, mystical, and supernatural, the Steigers analyze the influences and theories behind these mysterious “visitors,” whether they appear as aliens, ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, monsters, or some other form. The visitors have been called metaterrestrial, extradimensional, interdimensional, ultraterrestrial, and supraphysical intelligences, but regardless of the label, these inscrutable existences have left their mark on the people they've met—and a host of weird, wondrous, and horrifying stories. There are more than 200 thought-provoking stories that make you wonder about the Truth, including stories on UFOs, angels, spirits, ghosts, out-of-body experiences, time-travel, strange energies, dreams, meditation, unidentified terrestrial life forms, and more.

Tracing the perplexing and lasting effects of these otherworldly beings, Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions exposes their power and reach throughout centuries of legends, myths, and today's world.  





Nick Redfern's review of Mysteries of Time and Space


“A little over four decades ago… a monumental literary classic entitled Mysteries of Time and Space was first published. Its author, the prolific, legendary, not to mention one of the most tireless, pioneering investigative journalists in the ‘truth is out there’ field of all things unexplained, is the one and only Brad Steiger. Steiger has compiled in this book a truly comprehensive catalogue of some of the most perplexing, thought-provoking cases ever documented. Even after all of these years, here is a book that still remains not only an enduring classic but also still a source of valuable and relevant information and insight. This is an extraordinary tome by an extraordinary author who has, through the years, delved deeply into a wide range of some of the most remarkable, chilling and riveting case histories and accounts of the unexplained. There’s nothing obsolete, passé, or “old hat” about Mysteries of Time and Space. It continues to stand as a thought-provoking landmark classic, and what can you expect from an author who has either authored or co-authored some 181 books to date, with over 17 million copies in print?” — Brent Raynes, the editor of Alternate Perceptions

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Dolphins Saved Sherry Steiger from Death from a Shark Attack

By Sherry Steiger


For nearly 50 years now, my "shark toes" still occasionally shed the entire nail, and they remain more sensitive to pain than any of my other toes. But I don't complain--I was able to keep my foot, my leg, my entire body - thanks to the timely intervention of dolphins who protected me from a shark attack.

In 1968, while on ministerial internship at a Lutheran church in Austin, Texas, I was one of the few female staff members who assisted in planning and organizing a spiritual retreat for forty teenagers just off the coast of South Padre Island in the Gulf of Mexico. We had traveled together some distance in a caravan of cars and vans, and when we arrived, the weather was hot, sunny, and sultry--perfect for enjoying the beach and the ocean. At that point in my life, it was the first time that I had ever seen an ocean.

The next day, during free time, I made a beeline straight for the beach. There was a perfect blue sky and the water was gorgeous. After goofing around with some of the kids in the water, I parted company from the crowd and set out for a good swim.

I had been a lifeguard and I had always been a strong swimmer, so I eagerly swam out beyond the breaking waves. Lost in the beauty of the moment, I rolled over to my back and just floated, noticing every wisp of cloud that accented the sky and the seagulls overhead in their endless frolic. Feeling the caress of the warm sun on my body, it was as though I had drifted into a meditative trance--and when I returned to my senses, I realized that the current had carried me so far ut to sea that the shoreline was barely discernible.

I was not concerned, for I knew I had the endurance to accomplish the distance without undue effort. I firmly told myself not to panic, to start swimming in the direction that most of the waves were heading. Getting to shore was the main objective.

I swam steadily back to shore, occasionally treading water to make sure of my bearings. Soon, thankfully, I was able to see the shore. But I knew that I was still fighting against a strong current that seemed just as determined to keep me out to sea as I was to reach the beach.

I was treading water to get my bearings again when something huge slammed against my legs.

Again something hit me with such force that I was swept off balance.

Another jolt and I was screaming for help.

My training as a lifeguard had taught me not to panic, but it was all that I could do to stay above water.

Whatever it was, it kept on whapping me, and I went under the waves several times. I kept attempting to swim toward shore, but I was being battered back to sea with every attempt.

Big Fish was all that came to mind as I tried to make out what it was that was hitting me with such force. There seemed to be two kinds of skin hitting against me-one very rough, the other smooth.

At last I was near enough to shore so that someone heard my screams for help.

I was going under for the third time. I couldn't get air.

I couldn't swim. I just kept being hit. Then I passed out.

The next thing I knew I was in some wonderful stranger's strong arms, being lifted out of the water. As I came to, I saw that I was covered with blood from head to toe.

I was brought immediately to the first aid ranger station, where I interrupted a long line of people awaiting treatment. The ranger took one look at me in the arms of my rescuer and cleared the emergency table. I thought the man who was already on the table looked in worse condition than I: he had a sword from a stingray piercing his entire thigh.

The ranger looked me over carefully, wiping away the blood and examining the scraped areas. When his attention centered on my feet, he yelled to the other rangers in the fIrst aid station, "Shark! Clear the beaches. Put out the shark alert signs. And get to the loudspeakers. Now!"

Then he turned to me and said, "My dear, you are one lucky woman to be alive."

I had been scraped from head to toe by the sandpaper-like skin of a shark, he explained. "And look at those shark teeth in your toes. Do you want them when I get them out?"

I declined the offer of the trophy. Later, I was transported to a hospital for shots and further examination. Then I was released and solemnly informed how fortunate I was.

When I arrived back at the camp where my teenagers had pitched their tents, my reception was less than enthusiastic. Of course everyone was thankful that I was safe, but, at the same time, they were disappointed by the news that the rangers had declared the beach off limits for several days because of my shark attack.

The rangers theorized that the monster had been taking its time, casually bumping up against me and nibbling at me, preparatory to making its final strike. However, before that fatal lunge could be made, something else in the water-- something of which I was dimly aware --had caused the shark to change its mind.

It took more than six months before I could wear a shoe on the foot where the ranger had pulled out the shark's teeth.

Later, as I was recounting the incident to some friends, I said that I had been aware of a couple of large marine bodies-other than the shark-in the water with me. One of the group who was listening to my dramatic account was a noted authority on dolphins. He stated emphatically that it was most likely dolphins that had saved me from the shark.

"Sherry, I believe your guardian angel was a dolphin," he said. "My research indicates that dolphins are among the few creatures that will take on a shark."

He went on to say that since sharks' teeth had been taken from my toes, the likelihood of the blood from the scrapes on my body and the bites on my feet drawing other sharks to the area was overwhelming. He continued to tell of a few examples in his work with dolphins in which a dolphin or a group of dolphins had moved in on a shark to ward off an attack.

I sensed instantly that he was correct. A dolphin had saved my life. I had always been thankful to God for the unnamed person who pulled me out of the water. But for me to have survived to that point, I believe that He had already sent an angel to protect me in the water.

(Excerpted from Real Miracles, Divine Interventions, and Feats of Incredible Survival.)


We have been following the work of Dr. Sam Osmanagich for several years. We are convinced that his work with the Bosnian pyramids will reveal evidence of an advanced pre-Ice Age civilization.



Written by: Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

Ten years of scientific and archaeological investigation of the Bosnian pyramids have brought many exciting moments as well as dramatic turns which require a redefining of our knowledge about history.

One such breakthrough occurred in April 2015. During the semi-annual cleaning and passing through new sections of the prehistoric underground labyrinth at Ravne, the employees of the Foundation have been faced with various difficulties.

During the winter of 2014 and spring of 2015 they only won a few new meters of tunnel. At one point, in February 2015, one branch of the tunnel which leads to the south, toward the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, ended under a huge rock.

We decided to go around the rock by using the side passageways. Like many other tunnels which we had already discovered, these were filled with a conglomerate or fill of gravel and sand. Two side passages, to the East and West, ended in the conglomerate after about ten meters. We tried one more direction but that too didn?t yield the desired result.

Then we decided to go around the large rock by digging a tunnel around it. The employees undertook this activity very carefully, they were constantly checking the stability of the material, the values of oxygen and carbon dioxide. After thirty meters, the rock was bypassed.

I was in Houston when they told me that they discovered a new tunnel behind the rock. It was a new section, without the fill, but under water. I made a decision that the workers should stop there and wait for my return to Bosnia.

I then formed a team of six members for the first scientific screening of the newly discovered sections.

This wasn't the first time that we had found free sections in which the human foot has not entered for a long period of time. It's a special feeling for every researcher and a moment when dreams come true.

Every time when the investigators found prehistoric underground tunnels in Egypt, Mexico, China or Peru, they were often a worldwide attraction and leading news shared across all media.

In our case, we are far ahead for the length of the tunnel made by an intelligent hand in the distant past. So far, we have discovered 1,550 meters.

The day for entry into the new section of tunnel finally came. On April 30, 2015, with full protective equipment, rubber boots and waterproof suits or waders, lamps and compasses, we were ready for the adventure. The team consisted of the following members: Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Discoverer and Principal Investigator of the Bosnian Pyramids' Anela Preljevi, Archaeology (UCL London) and the Foundation's field archaeologist Mejra Kozlo, B.C. in Geology and the Foundation's field geologist Engineer Osman Buza, assistant of the Cantonal Minister for Economy, Jock Doubleday, videographer and PR Director of the Foundation,, Edo Graan, an employee of the Foundation

We went to the left side, toward the west. The height of the tunnel was 110-120 cm. We started walking in a bent-over position. I led the team. The tunnel was filled with water 20 cm deep. In some places it reached 30 cm. We found three dry sections, without water. We were looking left and right, there weren't any side passages. On the pebble floor we didn't see tools or artifacts. There were no traces of burning on the walls or ceiling. We found some interesting elongated pieces of stone that our archaeologist Anela took for analysis.

Finally, the tunnel came to an end. The dry section with pebbles had a round pool fifty centimeters in radius and fifty centimeters deep at the end. The water was clear and clean. We gave the first statement to the camera and turned back. Osman and Edo measured the length of this part of the tunnel. It was in total 41 meters long.

We went back to the entrance. We agreed to visit a section in the opposite direction. I told Jock to go first and to record while the water was clear. Behind him were Anela and Meira, then Osman, Edo and me. We moved toward the east. After a few meters we came to the first intersection. It was leading exactly toward the south. I liked that because this would be the desired direction of the Pyramid of the Sun.

The tunnel was open and about three meters in length, then it had been filled with gravel to the ceiling. There was no dry wall. We stopped there and took a photo.

In front of us there was a continuation of the tunnel toward the northeast. The water level was increasing.

Osman returned, and we continued.

The water became deeper, it reached a depth of one meter, later it became even deeper. After seventeen meters we came to a new intersection. Our route was blocked by stone walls and then filled with material. An open section continues to the left, toward the east. The water is becoming deeper and has found its way into my boots. I heard the same comments from other team members.

We continued even though we were getting wet. The ceiling height is about two meters. We walk slowly through the muddy, clay soil. The water is freezing. We come to a new intersection. The tunnels intersect at 90 degrees.

Side passages are blocked by stone walls, and then by gravel material. I comment to Anela:

Now you have the opportunity to enter into a new section of the tunnel. You can see that is not true that the Foundation makes drywall tunnels or digs them, these are prehistoric tunnels.

She agreed with me and gave a statement to Jock. Mejra joined her. We continued and after only a few meters we saw one more intersection and again the side passages were blocked. One part of the dry wall is under water, Anela commented. She recognized the difference in the compactness of the loaded material and the conglomerates of the tunnels.

We continue with the investigation. With every step it becomes harder to walk. After a few meters, we come to the end of the flooded parts of the tunnel. It ends with sandy soil. In our hands the sand separates and goes into the water. Anela sees a piece of wood. Organic material! She takes samples.

After a few minutes we turn back and go toward the exit.

This time I measure the length of tunnel. The branch which leads toward the east is 60 meters long. I give the information to Mejra about the frequency of the side passages. The northeast-southwest direction is 17 meters long. The last section, which is oriented toward the west is nine meters long.

Now we sum up the total length of the open, prehistoric section of the tunnel. In total it is 127 meters. This is great information.

After two hours of investigation and adventure, we went back outside. We changed our clothes and then took a photo of the organic material.

In our minds we made a plan as to what to do next with the tunnels. We want to clean up the tunnel that leads to the south, in the direction of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

We need to bridge the nine meters of water, and make a barrier toward the rest of the open tunnel.

One phase of investigation of the tunnels is finished, another has just started.

Our hypothesis is confirmed that this is a labyrinth with countless tunnels, and you can always choose the direction of the next tunnel that is to be cleaned.

Video recording of expedition:




Twenty-two years before Technology of the Gods...

Seventeen years before Fingerprints of the Gods...

Fifteen years before Forbidden Archaeology...

There was... Worlds Before Our Own, Brad Steiger's groundbreaking argument for the existence of a global prehistoric civilization.

The evidence Steiger had amassed for such a claim was based primarily upon finds of "erratics" mysterious "man-made" artifacts found in the deepest, most primordial geological strata.

When Worlds Before Our Own was first published in 1978, it was met with scathing reviews--even demands that the book be taken from the shelves and burned.

Steiger's desire to determine humankind's true origins has always been one of his greatest areas of interest, and he was shocked that both the scientific and religious establishments had reacted so negatively to the theories put forward in thebook. Hostile reviewers fumed that Steiger had no right to reveal archaeological discoveries that could threaten the traditional timetables of human evolution.

Eventually critics began to hail the book as "mostly brilliant" and "daring," and in the past couple of decades the concepts first presented in Worlds Before Our Own have garnered tremendous critical and popular support.

This is the book that started it all.

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Dedicated to the memory of our beloved dog Hans, who passed away at Christmas time, and to our webmaster Dave's beloved Cuddles, who passed away in September.





It may be one of humankind's greatest blessings that wolves and their canine descendants were somehow motivated to cooperate with us in our survival and evolution on the planet. Over the past several million years, there have been at least five distinct proto-human species that might have become the masters of the planet that we regard ourselves to be. Homo sapiens' closest rival species, Neanderthal, with whom we coexisted for many thousands of years, faded gradually into extinction or were absorbed into our species while we grew ever more fruitful and multiplied. It seems not an overstatement to suggest that our species was the one that became dominant because we were the ones who established a symbiotic relationship with canines.

In his book Evolving Brains (W.H. Freeman, 2000), biologist John Allman of the California Institute of Technology affirms that canines and humans formed a common bond more than 140,000 years ago and evolved together in one of the most successful partnerships ever fashioned.

Some genetic studies indicate that the process of domestication that split dogs from wolves date back as far as 100,000 years. An increasing number of archaeological finds present evidence that a relationship between humans and wolves began over 400,000 years ago.



Companions, Guardians, Guides, and Gods


The wolf was a sacred totem and clan symbol for many tribes throughout all of Europe, as well as North America. Many heroes on both sides of the Atlantic claimed ancestry from wolves.

A number of Native American tribes have it in their legends that the first men were created in the shape of wolves. At first these evolving wolves walked on all fours, then, slowly, they began to develop more human members - an occasional toe, a finger, an ear, an eye. As time went by, they evolved two toes, three toes; more fingers; two eyes and ears. Finally, by slow progression, they became perfect men and women. Sadly, though, the legends say, the practice of sitting upright eventually cost them their fine, bushy tails, but now they could always take one from a fox or a wolf to attach to their breeches.

So revered is Brother Dog that many tribes state in their legends that it is one of his kind who waits in the Way of Departed Spirits to assist a recently deceased soul to find its way to the Land of the Grandparents.

In addition to its role as a guide to the Other Side, many Native American tribes associate the dog with the sun nd the moon. The dog's connection to the sun may well have derived from what seems to be its instinctive habit of walking around in a small circle before it sits or lies down, and its custom of racing around in circles whenever it has any occasion to be happy or excited. To the early people, a circle was a symbol of the sun, thus ennobling the dog with high status.

The dog was worshipped in Central and South America as well as among the tribes of North America. Interestingly, as the northern tribes often chose the dog as one's totem animal, one's guardian spirit and guide to the world beyond, the southern tribes embraced the concept of the nahuali, the animal twin. Quetzcoatl, the Toletec god of goodness and light and a culture-bearer to the central American tribes, had the dog god Xoloti as his nahauli and guide.

In ancient Egypt, Anubis, the dog or jackal-headed god, presided over the embalming of the dead and led the spirits of the deceased to the hall of judgment. The Egyptians so revered their dogs that they were buried in family tombs, and family members would shave their heads in mourning at the death of a family dog. In dynastic Egypt, dog mummies were made with the same care and expense given to humans.

Bau, the dog-headed goddess of healing and life, is one of three main deities of the ancient Sumerians. The wide-spread belief that a dog's licking of a wound can promote healing quite likely originates with the goddess Bau, who had seven dog-headed daughters. Later, when Bau was replaced by the goddess Inanna, the new deity had seven hunting dogs. Royal inscriptions in Sumeria proclaim that members of royalty and honored military figures were known as ur-sag, "top dog."

The pantheon of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses included Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis (Diana), took the form of a wolf. Both Leto and Artemis were accompanied by wolves, and Artemis was known as the wolf goddess. The wolf was also Apollo's sacred animal.

Hecate, the goddess of death, was sometimes depicted with a dog's head, and Cerebos, the three-headed dog, guarded the entrance to Hades, the underworld. The she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus became the emblem of Rome.

In Persia, dogs were believed to be able to protect the soul from evil spirits; and when a person was dying, a dog was stationed by his or her bedside to keep away the evil spirits who hovered near newly released souls.

Odin/Woden, the chief Norse deity, relied on two wolves, Freki and Geri, as his guides, guardians, and companions. Odin's death is predicted to occur when Fenrir, the great wolf of the apocalypse, will be set free to ravage the earth. Hel, the underworld, is guarded by the huge dog Garm and his pack of wolves and dogs.

In ancient Vedic literature, Indra has Sarama, his faithful female dog, as his companion and messenger, whose two sons, the Sarameyas, became the messengers and companions of Yama, the lord of death.

Since at least the Han Dynasty (206 BCE--220), dogs in China were given royal status. The Emperor Ling Ti (156-189) gave royal titles to his palace dogs, considering them as imperial guards and viceroys. In both Tibet and China, lion dog statues served as sacred guardians of temples.

Tibetans believe that dogs are closest to humans on the spiritual ladder of reincarnation. Dogs, in their next incarnations, will be humans. High lamas often reincarnate as dogs to enter the cycle of rebirth on a higher rung.

In a number of Byzantine depictions of St. Christopher, the venerated saint of travelers, has the head of a dog. While the mother of the future St. Dominic was pregnant with her son, she had a vivid dream of a dog holding a torch in his mouth that would set the earth on fire.

Dominic went on to found the Dominican order--in Latin, Dominicanus, Dog of the Lord.

The brightest star in the heavens, Sirius, commonly known as the Dog Star, is the largest body in the constellation of Canis Major, the Big Dog in the night sky that looks over the earth at night.




We published Real Miracles, Divine Intervention, and Feats of Incredible Survival in 2009. One of the featured stories was of an 18-month old toddler who was miraculously saved at the very last instant while walking down the railroad tracks. This year we were blessed to receive a letter from that toddler - now a young man.

Click here to read about his heart-warming reunion with the locomotive engineer who saved his life.



Brad and Sherry's Latest Book!

Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings



From mysterious strangers and unpredictable beings to weird behavior and paranormal phenomena, the investigative team of Brad and Sherry Steiger explores more than 130 claims of visits from the unexplained, including ghosts, phantoms, aliens, and otherworldly beings. The book covers accounts of the supernatural from throughout the ages, and the breadth of the duo's findings and encounters will have even nonbelievers intrigued to discover what bold claim is next. Some of the accounts they relate tell of undersea cities hiding advanced technology developed by secret societies, physical energies activated by the psyche, out-of-body travelers, unidentified terrestrial life-forms such as orbs, and visitors from other dimensional frequencies or levels.

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Review of "Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings"

by Rey Hernandez, Experiencer, Estate Tax Attorney and Co-Founder, Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters

In our culture, people often attempt to understand the phenomenon of alleged ET contact by artificially classifying the subject into two distinct and non-related categories. On one hand, there are claimed mental or telepathic interactions with a "spirit world" and/or perceived spirits that may involve the "channeling" of information from unseen entities. Secondly, there is direct physical contact where actual flying vehicles and humanoid beings are sighted. The vehicles and beings then interact with our senses and the physical environment.

These two distinct categories of anomalous experience have been accepted with very little question by mainstream ufologists. Seldom do the two worlds overlap in the minds of hard core researchers. Many years ago, Brad and Sherry Steiger realized that these two distinct categories not only overlap but are actually integrated.

The many stories of high strange encounters presented in Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings raise the fundamental questions of who we really are, what truly are our origins, what reality do we actually live in. The stories of extraterrestrials, spirit beings, underwater beings, Bigfoot creatures, Sky Critters, Shadow People, Inner Earth Entities, Angels, Orbs, and other "weird" creatures were perceived by witnesses and experiencers ranging from guardian angels and benevolent spirits all the way to devils and monsters. Their book is filled with many wonderful illustrations of many of these types of creatures. These stories have been consistently presented in the history of mythology, anthropological cultural histories, and almost all religious texts.

More importantly is the profound concept they raise that the powersor magic that these non-human intelligent entities demonstrate-- appearing and disappearing in a fraction of a second, going through walls and objects, physically transforming themselves, miraculous healings, etc-- might be related to a multi-dimensional intelligent reality that might be masking themselves in various physical forms according to their perceived notions of our acceptability. Equally as profound, especially in an environment of I know all the answers, is the issue they raise that No one has the answer to this very complex phenomena but maybe this concept of a multi-dimensional reality might explain this paradox.

I have previously stated that We indeed are on a mission-- a mission of integrating humanity with God Consciousness. Colin Andrew, the world renowned expert on Crop Circles, has made a similar statement: I believe that we are engaged in a process of integration with a higher mind. Dr. Rudy Schild, an Emeritus Professor of Astro-Physics at Harvard, has also stated that We are integrating our consciousness with the Ultimate Mind-- the sum of all knowing. The Steigers, in "Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings," have clearly raised this possibility as well.  




Review of Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings

By Randy Maugans


Newcomers to the world of paranormal research writing (and there are now many, due to the growth of internet and satellite networks where the material has become a staple), would do well to pay special attention to the latest offering by authors, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger. Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings cuts a wide path into the supernatural/paranormal realms, focusing on the highly strange encounters reported by witnesses and experiencers with various types of entities; astral beings, extraterrestrials, spirit guides, underwater inhabitants; as well as a healthy dose of various disembodied types like poltergeist and monsters.

This is not the usual shock and awe type paranormal anthology, rather, a well curated and tightly integrated tour of strange realms and beings, along with a thoughtful line of commentary that informs and compliments the various chapters. In fact, it is the commentary articles, written by Brad and Sherry, which makes this collection such a stand out.

In a field of publishing where presentation is often either dry research, or fear-laden hype, the Steigers weave a type of paranormal unified field theory that connects disparate phenomena like alien abduction and angelic encounters with spectral entities and animal spirits. Psychology, spirituality, and mythology also provide elements to the Steiger continuum that both inform, and open to observation, the experiences of the narratives.

We also get glimpses into the people inside the stories that provide the human touches the Steigers are noted for in their works: Sean Casteel's My Personal Encounter Story has a rare account of Budd Hopkins advising Casteel against the use of hypnosis (the reasons are in the story).

The historical backdrop of the book includes a look back in UFOlogy at contactee George Adamski and his cosmic gospel and an insider ear on a conversation between the Steigers, scientist/parapsychologist, Andrija Puharich, and Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry on alien contactees and the human potential to create virtual worlds!

Morphing UFOs, an added-time (as opposed to lost time) experience, an MIB abduction, and multidimensional vortexes all comprise the rich color of experiences, places, and people (mostly) that populate this diverse paranormal tapestry. The book also features rich illustration, much provided by award winning illustrator Richard Pustanio in an almost art book layout style worthy of a library or coffee table book. Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings is both on par with the Steigers' usual output, and a cut above the mainstream paranormal trade. It is a keeper and one you will go back to for research or just for something creepy and warm.

Randy Maugans, 14 October, 2013

Randy Maugans is the producer and co-host, with Chris Holly, of OffPlanet Radio, and a long time researcher of UFOs, paranormal, and mysticism


Reviewed by Brent Raynes


The Steiger's Real Encounters is another comprehensive, thought-provoking masterpiece of encyclopedic proportions written by this daring and pioneering duo of the paranormal world. This lavishly illustrated, pictorial and in-depth exploration of this planet's wide variety of reported non-human entity encounters clearly reveals the deep complexity and mystery surrounding such controversial stories. Venturing outside the debilitating belief systems and structures imposed by narrowly focused intellectual and mainstream perspectives, the Steiger's instead go off the proverbial known grid, well outside most people's typical comfort zones, and embark upon a wide-reaching search for answers that take us beyond more familiar and contemporary territory to include a vast background of significant global and historical data as well.

As an example, modern mainstream nuts and bolts ufologists tend to have a very narrow tunnel-vision focus wherein abducting extraterrestrial greys?and their much talked about activities have taken center stage over the mixed bag of other alien types, activities and apparent motives for which most find it truly incomprehensible, if not downright impossible, to adequately wrap their minds around. The big picture certainly defies most intellectual attempts to make any final and concretely rational sense and logic of these convoluted enigmas that have so long haunted mankind and his world. The infant science of ufology is only one single human frame of reference for which no doubt hundreds upon hundreds of variations exist to subjectively define and explain these high-strangeness intrusions into our otherwise culturally sanctioned and scientifically fixed causal reality that the majority of us only think we know.

The Steiger's tour de force exploration of our enigmatic, not fully explained world-at-large takes us to the very outer edges of our known universe and well beyond what modern science has thus far been able to truly and fully comprehend adequately. Choosing to simply call it "the Other,"Brad and Sherry Steiger have tracked down countless first-hand accounts of this mysterious presence from men and women all over our world. These mind-boggling, documented encounter reports include authenticated cases describing everything from the legendary Mothman, the Men-In-Black, Bigfoot, the Grays, fairies, angels, demons, etc., etc. The list can just go on and on, but as the Steiger?s deftly show the commonalities are there inspite of the widely differing frames of reference and interpretations.

In this book we present the thesis that the aliens, angels, spirit guides, demons, and gods or goddesses encountered by unaware, yet somehow receptive percipients may actually be the product of a multidimensional intelligence that masks itself in physical forms that are more acceptable to humans than its true image if it does, indeed, have a perceivable form at all, the Steiger's reveal in their revealing introduction to their book.

Going even further off the grid, the Steiger's accepted a number of testimonials and contributions in their book from other researchers and experiencers, including the well-known UFO author Sean Casteel who shared how his own alien encounter experience catapulted him into the field of ufology. Then too there is my friend Sandy Nichols's strange "Stick Man"experiences, unexplained footprints (once following a "Spirit Box" session at his home), and a contribution from me that contained details of a paranormal investigation that included my own use of the Spirit Box and even interviews with ghost hunters who shared with me their own personal Bigfoot and elemental-type encounters.

In the book, we can see how Brad and Sherry both, throughout their lives, were personally drawn deeper and deeper into the innermost dimensions of these experiences, just like the many testimonial accounts they share from so many other people. For instance, there is Sherry's personal close calls with death and her powerful dreams of geometric shapes that followed. All of this caused her to engage deeply into near-death studies and to research fractal geometry, applying her experiences and studies to create a highly influential multimedia presentation entitled Sacred Geometry: The Nature of Life, a presentation that awakened often profound and intense memories and emotional reactions with many viewers, including Brad himself, who saw designs that closely paralleled geometric images that he recalled from his own childhood near-death experience. With Brad, the Other appeared early on to him when he was a young boy on an Iowa farm when he saw an elf peering in the kitchen window. Since then, through the years, there have been mysterious spheres of light, human-like apparitions, UFOs, poltergeist type activity, and other familiar trappings of the inexplicable world of the paranormal of the mysterious "Other."

If you would like a much deeper and richer introduction into this twilight realm between the known worlds of establishment science and religion, the Steiger's have certainly prepared an excellent assemblage of thought-provoking material for all of us to ponder and reflect upon much further.  


Review By Paul Dale Roberts

I love the way Sherry and Brad get this book going. Right in the beginning, it reads: “if you believe that the modern era of UFOs began in 1947 with Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting near Mount Rainier, Washington, you are sorely mistaken.” This is such a true statement and sometimes I am completely amazed on how many people love UFO lore, but are so misguided with the facts.

There are actual people out there, who believe the whole UFO phenomenon started with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting. I am so glad that there are researchers out there like Sherry and Brad who lay down the facts for the public to consume. With this book, you will be sent on the straight path towards enlightenment and truth.

Some of the stories in this book are absolutely amazing and when you put all the clues together, the logic sets in. Like the triangle shaped UFO seen over Mount Rainier that resonates with an omni-directional sound. This means that you cannot distinguish where the sound is emanating from. Anyone involved with UFOlogy and have taken reports, will hear from witnesses that either the UFO did not make any noise or it had a sound that seemed to be coming from many directions at once.

Reading several books on UFOs, there are not many books that pinpoint this odd phenomenon. Again, Sherry and Brad point out this phenomenon with earnest as they move on to other paranormal topics. So please sit back and learn about shape shifting UFOs or learn about how many people theorize that modern aircraft are designed or influenced by back-engineered extraterrestrial spacecraft. Be fascinated with the concept that aliens can be coming from the other side of the universe or may be materializing from another dimension. There goes that Multiverse concept that now scientists have embraced.

I used to always wonder if Gene Roddenberry ­ the creator of Star Trek was given pertinent information from aliens? His modern concepts were so futuristic and logical (as Mr. Spock would say), it only makes sense that aliens would have a prime directive, to let an alien species evolve on their own, without any interference. Sherry and Brad explore this. Could aliens be involved with accelerating our human evolution? Read the details in this book!

Also in this attention-grabbing book, you will read about Sky Critters, Shadow People, Inner Earth, Angels with a dash of Monsters! Orbs are explored, what can they be? Could orbs be ball lightning? Since, I am so involved with paranormal investigating and 80 percent of my time is ghost hunting, I have pondered orbs to no end. Of course, orbs can be simply dust, skin flakes, dew, light refractions, lint, but if you can show that the orb has intelligent movement, then you can deem it as an SCT (Spiritual Containment Field). Most entities start off as an orb and then will manifest into a full body apparition. My mother’s vision of a baby saint, started off with an orb at the foot of her bed and manifested into a full child holding a basket of roses ­ with rose pedals falling to the floor.

Sherry and Brad will enlighten you, and I do utilize the word enlighten, because that is exactly what Sherry and Brad do with their readers ­ enlighten! They enlighten you with orbs being Devas or the Shining Ones. They remind you how Alinda ­ The Good Witch descended from an orb. I always wondered if Alinda inside the orb concept was implanted into the author’s mind, or is it engraved into our DNA or subconscious? I always wondered why Designer Orbs (orbs with intricate designs inside of them) seem to display human or animal faces? Again, are Designer Orbs actually SCFs? Then we learn that 30 percent of the populace have seen Wee Folks, such as fairies, elves, gnomes, etc. This information is credited from the Steiger Questionnaire.

So, you see, when I say you will be enlightened, this is one book out of many books from the Steiger residence that will ‘enlighten’ you! Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings is an eloquent and honest account of investigative knowledge that Sherry and Brad have collected to put this masterpiece together. Sherry and Brad are the strike team echelon of the paranormal front lines, in seeking out answers to the unanswerable. This book transcends ignorance and misinformation and brings forth the light on topics that are only whispered about in shadowy nooks and crannies. An invaluable, passion from the heart, and spiritual harvest of redemptive insights that will both excite and challenge the reader!

Another standing ovation for the Steigers!



Again and again we present in Four-Legged Miracles: Heartwarming Tales of Lost Dogs' Journeys Home how the Dog-Human bond and the remarkable love that the two species have for one another have been the likely forces behind our Four-Legged Miracles. In account after account, dogs have demonstrated their unstoppable drive to return to their owners at any distance or at the cost of any suffering or sacrifice.

Brian Hare, a Harvard psychologist, agrees that such a bond exists and notes that dogs are marvelously skilled at reading human patterns of social behavior. Our dogs are adept at determining our moods and what makes us happy. They are also gifted in knowing when we are sad and need someone to listen to our troubles. No other creature on Earth desires to please its human family as does the dog.

As we state in the text, humans and dogs evolved together throughout the centuries, intensifying the bond between them. We, the authors, believe that we as a society are undergoing an exponential leap in consciousness that acknowledges the intelligence of dogs. This new awareness is leading to a deeper understanding between humans and dogs and the canines? ever-expanding and irreplaceable roles in our society as integral helpers that possess talents that in many instances surpass those of humans. As we have witnessed in the stories in this book, dogs' seemingly supernatural ability to find their way home translates easily to their ability to find missing persons. Their super senses are also capable of sniffing out diseases, warning of impending seizures, and detecting dangerous explosives and harmful chemicals. Their heightened sense of empathy enables them to become the perfect therapists in hospitals, in homes for the elderly, and in private homes as companions and guides for the physically handicapped. No creature on the planet is a greater teacher of unconditional love than our dogs.

Review from the prestigious Publishers Weekly:

"Funny, heartbreaking, and nearly unbelievable, the tales in the Steigers' new book all live up to one promise: a happy ending. The collection tells of dozens of tenacious dogs who found their owners after overcoming myriad obstacles, including going missing for years or traveling thousands of miles. For example, Prince found his owner in the trenches of WWI, and Sadie, a four-pound Yorkie, was carried two miles by a tornado. Evidenced by owner reports and local news coverage, the authors acknowledge many of these heroic homecomings to be stranger than... fiction. The book also explores the canine mind and the dog-human bond, and provides helpful advice about how to avoid losing your dog and what to do if it happens. Especially compelling is the section Can Dogs Read Our Minds? in which the authors discuss research about dogs' ability to decipher human mental states, a captivating concept for anyone who's experienced a close bond with their furry companion....This hopeful book will make dog lovers of all ages smile in amazement at the devotion of our beloved buddies."


Order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble


What a great way to celebrate the publication of Four-Legged Miracles: Heartwarming Tales of Lost Dogs' Journeys Home -- a fantastic article in Huffington Post:


Click Here to Read the Huffington Post Article


 Second Edition: Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places


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"A Spooky Number of Americans Believe in Ghosts," featuring an interview with Brad and photos from Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places:


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Paranormal researcher and author Micah Hanks has written an article getting us in the spirit for Halloween in "An Ode to Terror: The Steiger Effect" Click Here!




The Second Edition of Conspiracies and Secret Societies.

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An interview with Brad and Sherry on their new release, Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier Second Edition

New--Checkout Brad's and Sherry's new App: Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Breaking Cases--It's free!

This five-part interview on the Allan Handelman radio program with Brad regarding Brad's and Sherry's Conspiracies and Secret Societies Second Edition contains clips of Handelman's previous interviews with Bill Cooper, David Icke, Lt. Colonel Corso, and Dan Aykroyd discussing a wide variety of conspiracies.

Brad Steiger. Part 1 of 5. Conspiracies from Obama to Men In Black.


Brad Steiger. Part 2 of 5. Conspiracies from Obama to Men In Black.


Brad Steiger. Part 3 of 5. Conspiracies from Obama to Men In Black.


Brad Steiger. Part 4 of 5. Conspiracies from Obama to Men In Black.


Brad Steiger. Part 5 of 5. Conspiracies from Obama to Men In Black.


Listen to Paranormal Podcast's Jim Harold interview Brad about the Steigers' Conspiracies and Secret Societies Second Edition:




Real Miracles 


Lightning strikes, lotteries, and Lourdes--miracles really do happen Including more than 200 true, thought-provoking stories, this inspirational collection provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of unexplained phenomena and survival against overwhelming odds. A wide range of topics and circumstances is covered, including angelic interventions, surviving airplane crashes and cataclysmic natural disasters, medical miracles, amazing sea rescues, miracles on the highway, and near-death experiences. Remarkable stories include how a sky diver plummeted more than 4,000 feet and walked away with only a cut, how a mother and her children ride out a tornado atop an airborne mattress and survive, and how a group of dolphins rescued a swimmer from a shark attack.

Real Miracles, Divine Interventions, and Feats of Incredible Survival is a book of the First Magnitude...without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive volume ever published on miracles . . . Open to any page and be mesmerized." Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion.

Dr. PMH Atwater Declares REAL MIRACLES to be a "most wonderous and uplifting book."

Great Review of Real Miracles, Divine Intervention, and Feats of Incredible Survival by Brent Raynes from Alternate Perceptions Magazine

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Brad and Sherry Steiger "Miracle" Classics Reissued in Exciting New Presentation



"Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger are two of my favorite people. Their wonderful book Christmas Miracles is a treasury of uplifting stories that demonstrates the wonders that can and do accompany our lives."

-Shirley MacLaine, Academy Award-winning actress and author

Find all these uplifting books at your favorite bookstore or click on each cover to order online at





Santa Miracles: 50 True Stories that Celebrate the Most Magical Time of the Year.

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Brad's Second Edition of The Werewolf Book: The Encylopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings is honored by Loren Coleman's prestigious list of The Top Cryptozoology Books of 2011. Coleman is surely the most respected cryptozoologist in the United States and one of the most well-known internationally.




The third book in the eBook series Real Nightmares has just been released. Here is what they are saying about the series:

Prolific author of the paranormal Brad Steiger ventures into e-publishing with a new monthly e-book series, Real Nightmares: True and Truly Scary Unexplained Phenomena for just $1.99. I'm eager to see the next volumes in the series. Stephen Wagner,

 "Where there is darkness, Brad brings knowledgeable enlightenment and sheds the needed light to make sense of what we fear as the unknown. Ancient secrets and knowledge were lost to us at the Library of Alexandria, but Brad Steiger has the key to this library. By reading this publication and the many publications of Brad Steiger, you will have the universe reveal some of its most forbidding secrets! A definite must read! Paul Dale Roberts, Jazzmaonline

Excellent news: Visible Ink Press has just unleashed upon us a great new project from that legendary master of the macabre himself, Brad Steiger. Titled Real Nightmares: True and Truly Scary Unexplained Phenomena, it's a monthly series of e-books that cover a wide and varied range of topics of a paranormal and supernatural nature, such as ghosts, ghouls, UFOs, vampires, zombies, the occult, and much more, too. And, the very good news for those of you who are into strange creatures and vile beasts of the night: well, you are in for a full-on treat, too. I have now read the first two editions of Real Nightmares, and I can say for sure that you most certainly will not be disappointed by the dark and mysterious tales their equally dark and mysterious pages reveal. Brad Steiger's Real Nightmares: True and Truly Scary Unexplained Phenomena is a series I most definitely recommend you get your teeth into. And as I mentioned above given that the series is produced in e-book format, you can go online and purchase, download and read the books (from all good outlets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc and, of course, from Visible Ink Press, too) very quickly. And the very good news is that Real Nightmares is an ongoing series. In other words, Brad Steiger's terror-driven tales are not going away anytime soon. Nick Redfern,

A real nightmare occurs when you experience a frightening encounter with something strange and unknown, and you know without question that you are not asleep, that you are not dreaming. You know with every ounce of your being that the chilling encounter is real.

I first experienced real nightmares when I was a child, and ghostly visitors walked through our bedrooms nearly every night and kept us awake. Our farmhouse was built on the site of the old stagecoach stop, and it seemed that some other-worldly passengers were still trying to catch the last stage out of this dimension. Years later when our parents tore the old house down and built a new home on the same site, our spirit interlopers now appeared as shadows moving about the house and amused themselves by knocking on the walls, stomping about with heavy feet, and opening and closing doors. Growing up with real nightmares on a regular basis prepared me for the nights in my adulthood when I would investigate haunted houses with a team of paranormal researchers and encounter a wide variety of other-worldly beings.

For five decades now I have been devoted to exploring and examining unusual, unexplainable, and otherwise strange occurrences--and giving other people vicarious nightmares through my books and articles. The reviews of these books often have a recurrent theme of the readers ?leaving the lights on? and being unable to sleep. While most individuals would probably be offended if someone accused them of giving them nightmares, I take it as a compliment.

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Brad's Second Edition of The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings.

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Review of The Werewolf Book, Second Edition by Nick Redfern, Mania. com:

If werewolves, hairy shape-shifting monsters, and silver-bullets are your thing, then you're in for a big, big treat! The good folk at Visible Ink Press have just published an excellent, fully updated, and massively expanded, edition of Brad Steiger's near-legendary title, The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings. Originally published in 1999, this is a book that, beyond any shadow of doubt whatsoever, is undeniably essential reading for devotees of all-things beastly, vicious, and full-moon-based.

Running at nearly 400-pages, The Werewolf Book is a seriously in-depth, rollercoaster ride into the world of the flesh-eating killing machine best known as the lycanthrope, the werewolf, or the wolf-man - in on-screen entertainment, history, mythology, folklore, and even history and reality. That's right: if you're on the look-out for the ultimate werewolf guide, then look no further. You have just found it!

Presented in easy-to-read A to Z style, The Werewolf Book reveals just about all you'll ever need to know about moon-based man-beasts. And, the good thing is that you can dip into its pages wherever, and whenever, you like.

Looking to learn what Brad - our fearless, armed-to-the-teeth, werewolf hunter, himself - thinks of the 2010 version of The Wolf Man starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony "Hannibal the Cannibal" Hopkins? Does he think it's better or worse than the 1941 original starring Lon Cheney Jr., Claude Rains and Maria Ouspenskaya? Check out pages 331-334 for the answers.

Wondering what Brad might have to say about The Howling, the Underworld franchise, the teen-themed, sugar-coated Twilight saga, or the special-effects on An American Werewolf in London? Well, that's all here, too!. As are countless other entries on a wide and varied werewolf movies - some well-known and others downright obscure and long-forgotten - until now, of course!

Hollywood movies aside, however, The Werewolf Book focuses a great deal of its attention on the beast of the night in definitive reality, too. Yep, like it or like it not: those beasts of the darkness really are out there. You read it right; they're not just the stuff of fiction. Indeed, one day, they may prove to be your absolute worst nightmares come to life.

And, for me at least, this is where Brad's mighty tome really scores points big-time. He reveals centuries-old cases of shape-shifting, of moonlit savagery, and of wild man-monsters striking cold, unrelenting fear into the very heart of centuries-old European hamlets, latter-day American towns, and even ancient Egypt. And Brad, detailing some of the strangest and most savage cases of real-life lycanthropy on-record, successfully demonstrates that Tinsel-Town has nothing on the real world!

But, that's not all.

An A to Z-type book may quickly, and tediously, become very sterile, dull and downright boring. After all, look at your average encyclopedia: it might very well be informative, but it can prove to be as dull as three-day-old dishwater too! Fortunately, there's none of that here - at all. Rather, The Werewolf Book is written with imagination, suspense, excitement, clarity, intrigue and nightmarish, gothic horror - in equal malevolent, but always-entertaining, measures.

The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings is, then, most definitely a title to sink your teeth into! But, if you're going to do so, I most strongly urge you to wait until (to very slightly paraphrase the mighty Ramones' 1989 anthem Pet Sematary) the moon is full, the air is still, and all of a sudden, you feel a chill...

Exclusive Interview with Brad by Moonlight for

 Excellent review of THE WEREWOLF BOOK by Brent Raynes in Alternate Perceptions

Click on the Visible Ink Channel to hear Brad Steiger tell the story of the Northumberland County Werewolf from The Second Edition of The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings.


 Review of Real Aliens, Space Beings and Creatures from Other Worlds

The July 2013 issue of Fortean Times' Book Review section contains a very nice review of Brad and Sherry Steigers' Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds entitled, "A taxonomy of aliens: A good starting point for folklorists and others who can't tell their blonde Nordics from their inter-dimensional beings.

In a rather lengthy review, George Michael writes, "In a comprehensive overview...two long-time UFO researchers--Brad Steiger and his wife, Sherry Hansen Steiger--explore numerous accounts of alleged encounters with alien beings. Virtually every variant of aliens comes under their scrutiny, including 'little green men,' 'blonde Nordics,' 'greys,' 'insectoids,' 'reptilians,' androids, hairy dwarves, Bigfoot creatures, and inter-dimensional beings. Among the first-person accounts contained in this volume are frightening abduction episodes...suggesting some sort of hybrid breeding programme involving humans and extraterrestrials....

"For their part, the authors are firm believers in aliens, but concede that they are uncertain of their true origins. Do they come from distant planets? Or are they remnants of a terrestrial race that burrowed beneath the surface of the Earth many years ago? Perhaps they reside in different dimensions and occasionally establish contact with humans, either physically or only mentally....

"...The volume provides a good reference source for those interested in a broad taxonomy of alien beings, either from a scientific or folkloric point of view."


Order from or Barnes and Noble


Visible Ink Press has released our new video to promote

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds.


The author/co-author of 170 books, Brad Steiger wrote the paperback bestseller Strangers from the Skies about UFOs, and his editing of Project Bluebook was hailed by Omni magazine as one of the best UFO books of the century. Steiger was inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame for his work with UFO contactees, abductees, and past life regression, and he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the National UFO and Unexplained Phenomena Conference.

The author/co-author of 43 books, Sherry Steiger, an ordained minister with a special interest in the possibility of UFOs in the Bible and world religions, worked closely with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, official scientific advisor for the U.S. Air Force's 20-year study of UFOs. In the latter years of his life, Sherry served as his publicist and confidante at his non-profit UFO research organization in Phoenix until his death. This position made her privy to unpublished research and more than 80,000 documented cases from 161 countries.

For many decades, the Steigers have researched and investigated UFOs and their cultural impact throughout world history, as well as lecturing and conducting seminars on the phenomenon throughout the United States and overseas. Sherry and Brad were featured in 22 episodes of the television series Could It Be a Miracle. Together their television appearances and specials include: The Joan Rivers Show, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Hard Copy, Hollywood Insider, and specials on HBO, USA Network, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, Arts and Entertainment (A&E), among others. They appear frequently as guests on numerous domestic and international radio talk shows.


Real Aliens: A New Steiger-And-Steiger Title

The very latest in an excellent series of titles from the husband-and-wife team of Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger, Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from other Worlds, is yet another winner, I'm pleased to say.

Running at almost 400-pages, and packed with superb artwork (paintings, photographs and drawings), this is one of those books that is not only highly informative, but (just like all the books from our Iowa-based Dynamic Duo) it's written in an entertaining and atmospheric style that captures the imagination of the reader from page-one, and holds their attention throughout.

With that said, what about the content? Well, now we get to the really good stuff. Whether you're a Ufological veteran or a relative newcomer to the scene, Real Aliens will serve as a perfect resource tool - one from which you'll (a) learn a great deal about the nature of the UFO puzzle, (b) gain new insights and appreciations of cases old and recent, and (c) come to realize the sheer enormity and multifaceted nature of the phenomenon.

The book is split into specific sections, which I particular enjoyed, as it allows the reader to dip into whichever area they choose to first, and doing so doesn't affect one's ability to understand and appreciate the data under scrutiny either.

So, we get sections on the many and varied types of entity that have been reported over the decades, including, of course, those pesky, black-eyed dwarfs: the Grays. Detailing intriguing and, sometimes, harrowing data, as well as the possibility that the Grays may well be time-surfers, this is an excellent section that gets to the heart of the agenda of the pasty, skinny abductors from beyond.

Those long-haired hippie-like E.T.'s that came tumbling out of the deserts of California, Arizona and Nevada in the early-1950s - the Nordic Space Brothers - are also the subject of an excellent chapter that provides a very good, solid account of this particularly engaging (to me anyway) aspect of the UFO issue. Who are the Nordics? Are they friends? Messengers? Deceptive entities with devious agendas? You know what to do to get those answers: buy the book!

Our fearless authors also take another very welcome blast into the past: in search of hairy humanoids, such as those diminutive types that popped up in the early '50s, and, of course, the world's most famous hair-covered man-beast: Bigfoot. I've said it before, but that won't stop me saying it again: Bigfoot is not just weird and elusive. Rather, Bigfoot is just too damn weird and elusive! And Brad and Sherry make this amply clear in Real Aliens, by chronicling a number of significant cases that push Bigfoot into distinctly Fortean territories.

I was very pleased to see a whole chapter devoted to one of those ufological beasts that doesn't usually get the attention it deserves, and as a result, often languishes in somewhat of a degree of enigmatic obscurity: the Praying Mantis. Insect-like, slightly ominous (and almost echoing imagery of the classic 1950s movie, Them!), one gets the feeling from reading this particular chapter that these entities (whatever their origins) play a substantial, and under-appreciated role in the non-human agenda.

And there are further chapters on the other-world critters too, including the more-than-ominous Reptilians, and robotic types reminiscent of Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still (I mean the 1951 original; not the recent remake).

Moving on from specifically the alien entities themselves: if you're into stories of underground bases, underwater installations, and cavernous abodes of a type that would have had Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer foaming at the mouth, you're in for a treat. Have beings from other realms of existence secretly established outposts on (and under) our world? Do they secretly move among us, at night, after surfacing from their darkened abodes? Might some of these creatures represent the last vestiges of a very ancient race of terrestrial - rather than extraterrestrial - origins? You'll find a great deal of food for thought on these very issues in this particular chapter.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have sex with a blistering hot, Barbarella-style space-babe? Go on, admit it: of course you have! After all, who could say no to Truman Bethurum's flirty and curvy Aura Rhanes?

Certainly, the most famous of all such cases - described in detail in Real Aliens - is that of a certain Antonio Villas Boas of Brazil, whose October 1957 encounter with an attractive chick of the cosmic kind, is now near-legendary. But, as the Steiger's correctly note, some such cases seem downright malevolent, and appear to demonstrate characteristics suggestive of encounters with incubus and succubi, rather than with flesh-and-blood E.T.'s. So, after reading this chapter, you might want to be very careful with respect to what you wish for...

Kind of on a similar path, the highly controversial issue of alien-human hybrids is also given the Steiger treatment. To many, this issue is all indicative of a clandestine, genetic program - and maybe one that has a disturbing agenda. Namely: to infiltrate our society with human-looking aliens. Sleepers, in other words. I was, however, pleased to see that Brad and Sherry note the deep and undeniable parallels between alien abduction, hybrids and kidnapped babies, and the centuries old stories of people who claimed to have met the fairy-folk. Are we dealing with real E.T.'s? Or is this a presently unfathomable puzzle that, depending on the culture, the people and the time-frame, manifests in a multiplicity of forms: extraterrestrials, fairies, goblins, Djinns, etc, etc? All in all, this is a very good section of Real Aliens that demonstrates one of the weirder aspects of the entire phenomenon.

Certainly, in my opinion, the most fascinating chapter is that titled Aliens: Deceivers or Deliverers? This one gets to the very crux of the saucer enigma, and demonstrates (a) the undeniable fact that just because some entity, or disembodied voice, claims to have alien origins, it may be pure folly to take it at its word, and (b) the notable crossovers and parallels between messages from alleged aliens and those communications secured via psychic means. Friendly entities from far away, or our ultimate nightmare manifesting in kindly, camouflaged form? I hope the former; however, I often suspect it's really the latter...

And, in summary, you'll also find a wealth of data in the packed pages of this book on the E.T. connection to religion (both in times-past and times-present); astronaut encounters with UFOs; an absolutely classic early Man in Black experience; connections between the Nazis, UFOs, and the occult realm; presidential knowledge of UFOs; and a great deal more.

Real Aliens is a highly enjoyable, deeply absorbing, and immensely informative title that - by covering so much wide and varied territory - makes it abundantly clear that there is a very real UFO presence in our world. And it's one that has been interacting with us for a very, very long time - and often at a deeply personal level, too. But, it's also a phenomenon that clearly has the upper-hand. Sometimes it exhibits friendliness, at other times it displays Trickster-style characteristics, and on more than a few occasions it's downright malevolent and malignant.

So, in summary with respect to Real Aliens, what can I say but: A definitive encyclopedia of the extraterrestrial variety!

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

By Stephen Wagner, Guide

The subject of UFOs and aliens is not generally covered in this section of, but the breadth and depth as well as the downright far-out strangeness of the information in Brad and Sherry Steiger's book Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds brings the subject solidly into the realm of the paranormal.

Weird and Weirder Still

For those who think the UFO phenomenon consists only of flying saucers, little gray beings, Roswell, and the occasional abduction, you have no idea how utterly strange and far-reaching it really is. And the Steigers' book will educate you in short order with case after case of bizarre encounters and high strangeness.

Yes, there are the traditional flying saucer reports and "the grays," to be sure, but the cases that intrigue me the most are the ones that don't come out of the conventional mold:

  • In 1979 in Huntsville, Alabama, a woman with car trouble stops on the side of the road where she encounters a four-foot-tall being that seems more robot than flesh and blood. She later finds that her car's engine has practically been melted.
  • March, 1967 near Butler, Pennsylvania, a father and daughter witness globes of light descend from the sky and transform right before their eyes into blond-haired expressionless humanoids.
  • March, 2010 in Santiago, Chile, a bus-load of passengers see a glowing UFO emerge from the sea, and then a luminous being of some kind surrounded by flashes of light walks toward the highway.
  • October, 1973 on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi, two fishermen see a fish-shaped UFO and then are abducted by three aliens with wrinkled skin, crab-like claws and pointed ears.

This is only a small sampling of the dozens upon dozens of encounters the Steigers have assembled. Then there are UFO cases that have a Bigfoot connection, the claims of human-alien hybrids, the strange alien messages and warnings, alien sex, and the mystical experiences claimed by contactees.

What's Going On?

I don't think anyone can come away from reading this book with the simple idea that aliens from another planet are visiting Earth. There is something deeper and more mysterious going on.

The people who have these encounters, are they all crazy? Hallucinating?

To account for the sheer number and variety of aliens and craft reported over the decades, the Earth would have to be visited by dozens of races from dozens of planets outside our solar system. Is this likely? What are these creatures and where do they really come from? Other dimensions? Our own imaginations and subconscious?

How can we possibly account for all of this impossible strangeness?

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds forces you to consider all of these questions for which there are no cut-and-dried, easy answers.

I suspect that the answers and explanations are, for the present, beyond our understanding. In addition to all of these queer aliens and craft, this planet is also beset with the ghost phenomenon, poltergeist activity, astonishing psychic connections and synchronicities -- all of which take place every day! We have no choice but to conclude that the universe truly is stranger than we can imagine and that science has so far brought us knowledge of only the thinnest surface of our true reality.

We don't really have a clue, I'm afraid, of the true nature of life, reality and our existence. We're not smart enough, nor do we yet have the tools to perceive what lies beneath the veneer of our daily lives.

An Important Book

For anyone who has even the slightest interest in UFOs, the paranormal, or the unexplained, Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds should be a welcome addition to their bookshelves. Yes, it's a fun and exciting read, but it's also important.

To my mind, books like this (and others such as The Mothman Prophecies, The Holographic Universe, Hanz Holzer's ghost books, and other Steiger books) should be read right along side of the latest science books on astronomy, psychology and quantum physics. The science books, as important as they are, only give you half of the story. Books on the paranormal provide a view of the other side of the human experience that cannot necessarily be brought into the lab for analysis -- but are just as "real." They happen. All the time.

And whether they are physical, psychological, interdimensional, or something else in nature, they cannot and should not be ignored. Instead, as the Steigers do in this book, they should be reported, explored, and examined -- objectively -- to the fullest extent possible. How else are we going to get to the bottom of it all?

Book Review: Real Aliens, Space Beings by Authors Brad and Sherry Steiger

Posted on 04/18/2011 by

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

You've read the stories, seen the tv shows and heard the rumors, though it never seems to be enough. Are aliens invading, have they already or is our historical understanding all an elaborate cover up that the powers don't want us knowing? Yunno, I cant help but think that as fantastical and fictitious as X-files presented itself, it may have been based on truth rather than the inner workings of creative minds. Well, as the Steigers bring us another tasty entry into the alien hall of fame, there is plenty here for everybody to pick from.

In fact, what I liked best about the book is that it's not your usual lethargic drawn out page turner but rather short reports and quips from a variety of places and sources that give us alot in little bits. My first impression was how easy I found it to just flip forward or back to the desired sections of interest. Whether it's the grays, the lizard folk, the greens, the hybrids or just strange places both on and off earth, your sure to find some satisfaction in your exploration here.

I tend to gravitate to the cover-ups and the what's-been-going-on? reports that focus on government involvement and the come-forward-witnesses needing to get things off their chests. As we move past these strange and wild tales of presumed non-fiction, we learn about a race or races who by careful collaboration have kept the secrets of the worlds from us. If this is true and very well could be, what are we being protected from and why?

Are we to believe in TV-like stories that sound much like the stuff we watch for relaxation? Maybe so. The Steigers and friends don't mess around. They have spent the time it needs to bring forward these isolated incidents large or small. While some of the chapters focus more on the beings themselves other tackle the bigger picture announcements. The kind that are looming overhead!

Real Aliens tackles a number of short reports on secret lairs, sightings and abduction stories that all point to some level of interaction or proof of alien life forms. What is more disturbing is the government level involvement hinted at revealed as going on for quite some time. We?ll read about ties to the lost Atlantis, about underground bases, about levels deep, about sectors dedicated to experimentation and several more unexplained reportings that span back into the 40's and 60's.

Is 2012 the year that we make contact? Have the aliens been guiding our hands in the evolution chain or are we all just some form of an elaborate experiment that has come almost full circle? The facts are too intriguing not to raise a few eyebrows and wonder if the time has come for full revelation. The Steigers do a bang up job on not only presenting the short tidbits, but doing so in a way that seem to draw reader interest from page to page. I think this fact alone keeps me coming back to these books and flipping thru.. It sure is alot to consume but don't say they never told us so.. killer stuff for UFO fans and unexplained materials alike.

Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger: Authors of the Millennium

by Art Champoux

There are no better authors than this married couple. Their compendium of books of the occult, UFOs and paranormal far exceed those of any known authors of whom I am aware. Their new book Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds is a compendium of aliens, MIBs, creatures, ghosts, and every kind of phantom and any entity that walks out of, through, or descends into our limited worldly space.

If you have just one or two of their books you are doing yourself a disservice. Since I started reading Brad's books in the 60s and right through five decades--along with those he has written with Sherry--I can assure you that in the field of Ufology and the field of the weird and the strange, he and his wife are in the top two of all time writers.

Personally, I would put them at number one. I have over 70 of their books, and every time they write one I read it from front to back in three days. Their compendium of UFO sightings of craft and creatures goes way beyond the average UFO writers in this day and age. Their documentation of these sightings and their acumen in the world of paranormal is way beyond that of most authors.

The Steigers do not restrict themselves to just UFOs but to many aspects of the weird and wild world of anything that is an enigma on this planet. They do much more then just report what happens. They try to tell the facts beyond the who, what, where, and when of the encounters.

I would like to think that this dynamic duo should be high up if not at the top of all the researchers/writers in the field of the wild and weird enigmas of time and space. If you have some of their books, good, if you do not GO GET SOME, you will not be disappointed.

I contend that their latest book is a compendium of any type of enigma you can think of--from aliens, ghosts, phantoms, creatures, MIBs, to the highest type of research in the occult and the crash at Roswell.

I went into Barnes and Nobles and bought his book. If they do not have it they will be glad to get it for you. I have over 200 books in my library. Most are autographed by the authors. Ray Fowler, John Fuller, Brad Steiger, John Keel, etc

I urge you to buy any book by Brad and Sherry Steiger. Their books are not dull or boring. I will guarantee you that you will not want to go to sleep after reading Real Aliens--or if you do, you will want to sleep with one eye open.

Great review of Real Aliens by Paul Dale Roberts

Terrific review of Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds by Lisa Lee Harp Waugh for Haunted America Tours.





Real Angels recounts inspirational stories of guidance, rescue, illumination, healing, and teaching from spiritual beings who were quite separate from the men and women who received their wisdom and divine intervention.


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 The rebirth of Brad Steiger's 1973 classic, the highly acclaimed Revelation:
The Divine Fire
Now available at the Reality Press order desk, Amazon.Com, and Barnes and Noble

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Philip K. Dick's Phylogenic Memory and the Divine Fire

The Spirit Teacher Who Brought the Divine Fire

 Return Visits From My Spirit Teacher

We are all bodies electric, surrounded by a bioelectric field or aura. Can prayer amplify and strengthen this field?

The following photos were taken of Sherry Hansen Steiger, unbeknown to her, while she was meditating in Sedona, Arizona --during a seminar she and Brad were conducting in 1987.

When in deep meditation, Sherry actually feels like an electromagnetic force surrounds and strengthens her.


The Power of Prayer

Read some reviews of Sherry's Power of Prayer book:

"If you're make your life totally fulfilling and satisfying in every way, then read this book now." Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

For a three-picture progression of the meditative prayer light, click here.

Order your copy of The Power of Prayer Today!

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 *22 years before Technology of the Gods

*17 years before Fingerprints of the Gods

*15 years before Forbidden Archaeology

there was Worlds Before Our Own, Brad Steiger's groundbreaking argument for the existence of a global prehistoric civilization.

Reflections on Worlds Before our Own

Click here for more information

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Ancient texts point to new evidence of "worlds upon worlds"

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Click on the camera to see more of MYSTERIES of ANCIENT WISDOM





Order Conspiracies and Secret Societies from Amazon.Com or BN.Com

The Orange County Register reviews Conspiracies and Secret Societies

The Reviews are in. Read them here!

On aliens, anarchists and axes of evil

Hollywood Loves Conspiracy Theories

Hear Brad Steiger discuss Conspiracies and Secret Societies









One of his best books yet, Real Monsters is full of the kind of stories that we have come to expect from him the kind you have to leave the light on just to get half-way through! Every imaginable creature of the monstrous world is covered in great detail, with supporting case studies and contributions from individuals whose real-life encounters rival almost anything imaginable. Steiger offers a keen analysis of many such contributions; some others he significantly let speak for themselves. Kevin Trosclair, Haunted America Tours

Steiger's passion for his subject matter is evident throughout the book, which makes for a pleasurable tour through the shadow-filled underworld that so many of his beloved creatures inhabit. In addition to being a fun, well-written book, Steiger's volume also serves as a must-have reference for genre authors and filmmakers who might be looking for the source of their next inspiration. There are literally hundreds of unique monsters and beasts to be found in Steiger's book, all just waiting to be discovered by the next filmmaker with the imagination to bring them to life on the screen. Brad Wilke,

I am 30 years old, have been interested in the paranormal as long as I can remember, and even host an internet radio show in my spare time. But I've never been afraid of monsters until I read Brad Steiger's new book. Jason Korbus, Strange Frequences; Toledo

Steiger knows how to write, and how to write very well, too. He captures his audience, enthralls them, and leads them into uncharted realms and lands full of all things monstrous and unknown. If I say that this is the type of mighty tome best devoured at the witching-hour, deep in the woods, while an icy wind howls, and with only a flickering candle for illumination, you?ll hopefully understand what I mean. It?s not just a book ? it?s a diabolical feast. Nick Redfern, Lair of the Beasts

Steiger doesn't simply write billions of books (170 or so at last count), he writes jam-packed and informative books. Like his other recent offerings, Real Monsters includes samples of -- and commentary on -- just about every possible creature that could conceivably fit under the black umbrella of the book's title. This book earns a permanent place on my bookshelf not only for its scare factor and because it has my picture in it (yeah, yeah, same thing, I know) but for its excellence as a reference for all things monstrous. It may be my favorite yet. Linda Godfrey's blog:

[Reading] Real Monsters I was mesmerized from start to finish, these are unforgettable stories. In-depth monster stories that pack a wallop! I must warn the reader, some of these stories are gripping stuff, nail biting monster stories of everything imaginable! I will have to say, give up the idea of sleeping, until you are completely finished with this book! Some of these stories would make Stephen King blink. Brad Steiger once again proves he is a thrill master when he delivers his stories to the reader! Real Monsters is remarkable and possibly unprecedented to any other cryptozoological book out there. Brad delivers no mercy once more. Paul Dale Roberts, Jazzma Online Forum.


Order from or Barnes and Noble.Com






"What I like about Brad Steiger's new book, is that he refuses to be limited by Shaun of the Dead-style zombie convention. Steiger is known for his encyclopedic exploration of ghosts, vampires and werewolves, and he lends the same exacting scrutiny to this look at reanimated corpses—and more." —Linda Godfrey's Bloghouse

"A superb, and arguably definitive, look at the zombie phenomenon . . . The subject is infinitely more complex than many realize. Like a zombie itself, Brad's book grabs you by the jugular and doesn't let go!" —FATE magazine

"Not recommended for reading just before bedtime." —Alternate Perceptions

"The award-winning writer of more than 100 tomes about ghosts, werewolves and other night stalkers, lays to rest the misconceptions regarding the walking dead. He then goes on to tell more than 30 bone-chilling tales." —Sun Magazine

"The zombie has captivated the American imagination, but where is the basis in reality? From relation to vampires and mummies, to the zombie army of Hitler, many out-there theories and ideas are presented . . . a truly fascinating read." —Midwest Book Review

"A must read for any paranormal scholar who wishes to further understand the connections between tribal religions and cultures and the link to the astral planes where spirits reside hovering between life and death before passing into the shadowland--Kala Ambrose,

"You will have a hard time putting this book down! Brad is on top-of-his-game, and he comes on hard and heavy with this book. Everything you wanted to know about zombies is right here!" Paul Dale Roberts: Jazzma online.

"...Different cases ... reaffirm the reality of zombie states... in this remarkable collection of information. Great stuff indeed, a must read ....simple enough!

"Fascinating and chilling, bloodcurdling even. This comprehensive and unsettling study is an antidote to Hollywood films with their lurching, reanimated dead." —






A truly awesome review of Real Vampires, Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Darkside by Paul Dale Roberts in the Sacramento Press which concludes with these words:

My final assessment of this book:

Brad Steiger is not only a legend, but a sheer genius as he compiles informative and highly researched material that enlightens the reader about the vampire universe. Real Vampires is thought-provoking, intriguing and prevalent in putting all of the vampire pieces of the puzzle together! A true tour-de-force with solid ramifications that lead only to one thing. A standing ovation!! Bravo!

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Lisa Lee Harp Waugh's terriffic review of REAL VAMPIRES in HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS

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Excellent, insightful review of REAL VAMPIRES by Brent Raynes of Alternate Perceptions Magazine

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Excellent review of REAL VAMPIRES by Nick Redfern

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 Micah Hanks' Outstanding Review of Real Vampires

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Order Real Ghosts from Amazon.Com or BN.Com

Brad's magnum opus on the subject of ghosts--650 30 photos and illustrations, plus a directory of haunted places, ghost researchers, and a selected filmography.

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On the other side of the shadow world . . . Steiger hits a double

In this, the third volume of Brad Steiger’s Shadow World series, the “master of the paranormal” expands the roster of extra-dimensional beings that we share our universe with. In addition to the spirits of the dead, nature spirits, spirit parasites, and spirit mimics, he also explores the nature of the Light Beings, which include the benevolent entities known as angels, spirit guides, spirit teachers, and celestial visitors or “space brothers.” Though Steiger provides techniques for contact and behavior with them, he warns that such entities should never be either worshipped or summoned–as they may not be what they claim to be.

What They're Saying...

"A fantastic compilation...for gaining basic knowledge about spiritual enlightenment. A must read!” – Phyllis Galde, editor of Fate

“This book will help you tap into the tremendous help available to you from the invisible side of life.” – Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., author of Universal Vision

“Whether your interests lie in dream research, interaction with spirits, or just...learning how to banish negative forces from your life, Steiger knows how to open the door that can show [you] the way.”

– Elliot Lee Spiegel, award winning radio producer and writer

“A road map to places beyond our imagination...I give this book my highest recommendation.”

– Erskine, host of Erskine Overnight

Read Nick Redfern's splendid review of Brad Steiger's Beyond Shadow World.

Marvelous review of Beyond Shadow World by Micah Hanks

Brent Raynes Explores the Mysterious Territory Beyond Shadow World

Order your copy of BEYOND SHADOW WORLD at Amazon.Com or Barnes and Noble









Read the Reviews

Nick Redfern: Reviews of the Mysterious Kind

Micah Hanks: The Gralien Report

Although the Bible says that in the afterlife, people do not marry nor are they given in marriage, Brad Steiger's "Otherworldly Affairs" shows that they may still be thinking about marriage, sex, and past relationships. And acting upon those thoughts. Or at least, it appears that something from the other side is doing so. How else to explain the many true tales of bereaved men and women haunted by former lovers... not to mention oddities such as a woman impregnated by a departed husband or a glowing image of the Virgin Mary sent to protect a young girl's innocence? It's a peek into an area of phantom lore not examined in most ghost collections, accompanied where appropriate by Steiger's level-headed, psychology-based explanations. Watch for sales of night lights, crosses and rosaries to go up where ever this book is sold!

-Linda Godfrey, author, The Beast of Bray Road, Hunting the American Werewolf, and Strange Wisconsin.

Order from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.Com






A Classic Gets Its Well-Deserved Rebirth!

"If the highest compliment any book can receive is that it continues to influence both readers and authors long after its release, then Atlantis Rising merits such an accolade. First published in 1973, it not only reignited public interest in a virtually moribund subject, but perpetuated popular fascination for the lost civilization, an engrossment that continues to expand on an international scale thirty-four years later...Atlantis Rising still holds up...because it is among the best written volumes in that vast library of Atlantology, with its estimated 2500 books." From the Foreword by Frank Joseph, author of Atlantis in Wisconsin and other books on Atlantis.

"Atlantis Rising is a landmark book in the study of lost civilizations and alien contact. It was the very first work to suggest that ancient peoples were visited by extraterrestrial beings in spacecraft who helped shape an antediluvian global culture. The historical impact of Atlantis Rising has been grossly underrated and all subsequent studies in this area like Chariots of the Gods?, When the Sky Fell and From Atlantis to the Sphinx are merely "Johnny come Latelies" compared to Brad Steiger's pioneering and seminal book."

William H. Kennedy, Sphinx Radio host, author of The Da Vinci Code Cabal.

Read Scott Corrales' excellent five-star review of Atlantis Rising that appeared in Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Atlantis Has Risen

Order Atlantis Rising from Galde Press Free Shipping!







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Nick Redfern's Review of Shadow World

Jason Offutt: Brad Steiger Takes us into the world of darkness

In-Depth Review of Shadow World by Dan Allen, Ronin Studio

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Bestselling Mysteries of Animal Intelligence reissued!

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Photos from Seasons of the Soul

Available at your local bookstore or Amazon.Com or Barnes and Noble.Com





Buy Strange Guests at Amazon.Com or Barnes and Noble

What they're saying . . .

"Strange Guests will force you to completely rethink the poltergeist phenomenon. Brad Steiger explores both legendary and obscure ghost cases from around the world as only he can. His gripping narrative style takes readers inside the haunts and explores the poltergeist activity from the perspective of the witnesses who (mostly) lived through it. Throughout the history of paranormal research, there are very few who can match the credibility and reputation of Brad Steiger." – Jeff Belanger, Founder of and author of The World's Most Haunted Places

“Brad Steiger is the master storyteller extraordinaire when it comes to true tales of the supernatural and of unexplained occurrences. This prolific and highly acclaimed author truly has no real equal in this branch of the literary field. Strange Guests is a genuine early Steiger classic about legendary poltergiest cases like the Bell Witch, Slawensick Castle and many other haunting tales that should definitely send innumerable chills and shivers up and down your spine!” – Brent Raynes, Editor of Alternate Perceptions and author of Visitors From Hidden Realms

"Steiger has made a judicious selection...his style of reporting is fresh...This is a valuable collection of poltergeist reports, well written and informative." – David Techter





 Let Sherry take you Face to Face with the UNKNOWN

Face to Face With The Unknown

The Reviews are in!

From KLIATT, a bi-monthly magazine written by teachers and librarians for teachers and librarians:

Ranging from simply odd to strange, mysterious, and downright spooky, these tales of the unknown are sure to please YA readers. Stories go from the boy who absorbed knowledge by sleeping on his books (and didn't we all wish for this one!) to tales of angelic interventions, UFOs and ghosts. These stories are claimed to be real-life occurrences. And they all happened to young people. Some readers may be skeptical; however, YAs sometimes practically gorge themselves on tales of the otherworldly. These stories are short and easy to read. While they go places logical people may not be comfortable with, the stories are never gross or gory and are tastefully handled. KLIATT Codes: JS—Recommended for junior and senior high school students. 2000, Tor, 244p. bibliog. 18cm., $5.99. Ages 13 to 18. Reviewer: Elsie Keyes; Teacher & Libn., Kalispell, MT , July 2001 (Vol. 35, No. 4)

KLIATT selects only 1200 titles a year and reviews those deemed best for adolescents.









 Courtesy of Joel Samuel Productions: A rare interview of Brad and Sherry circa 1992 conducted by psychic sensitive Joani Sciebienksi in a popular Phoenix nightspot.



Indefatigable author, researcher and thinker Brad Steiger takes host Dan Schneider beyond his usual philosophic materialism subject matter to explore the far reaches of the human experience. This penetrating interview, in text format, gives an excellent and insightful view of the many areas of high strangeness that find their way to The Anomalist every day. What does the bestselling author have to say about his own philosophy regarding "life, science and the cosmos?"


Audio Interview: Brad Steiger

The prolific author discusses such topics as WWII table tipping, the Hollow Earth, and parallel species living on Earth.

Binnall of America


Season Finale

Brad Steiger


A mini-interview with Whitley Strieber

(2 Hours, 38 Minutes)


Click Here to Listen!