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These Celebrities Had Too Much Fun at the Casino

Casinos aren’t going to refuse customers entry any time soon, and certainly not if they’re world-famous. Celebrities in your casino, the publicity couldn’t be more prominent.

Unfortunately, some world stars think they can afford anything. Some go so over the top that they are no longer welcome.

Instead of attracting customers to the casino, these celebrities behave in such a nasty way or break the law that the casino fears losing its good reputation. To be clear, these celebrities are still welcome at online casinos. The Orb has an excellent toplist with the best Australian online casinos that are regulated and safe to pley for real money pokies.

Online Casinos Don’t Have to Deal with Troublesome Customers

A significant advantage of online casinos is that you are not bothered by other players. In land casinos, you usually don’t have to deal with other players, but sometimes there can be tensions between them.

Personal contact is much lower in online casinos. Chat conversations with other players around the table are usually limited to congratulating each other on winnings.

Review sites such as casino reviewers evaluate the game offer, the service, the bonuses, and jackpots but never the audience of an online casino.

Paris Hilton Evicted from her Own Casino

The only celebrity who has ever been banned from her own casino is Paris Hilton. Her grandfather, Conrad Hilton, owner of the hotel empire of the same name, claims he had no other choice.

Paris was losing so much money in the Las Vegas Hilton Casino that he had to intervene. During a poker game, Paris gambled away her Bentley worth almost 200,000 dollars.

She admitted that she was no longer in control of her gaming behavior. It is not the only casino where Paris is not allowed to enter.

In front of the entrance of Wynn Las Vegas, when she was talking to an agent, a bag of cocaine fell out of her purse. The officer had no choice but to arrest the celebrity.

One Direction Far Too Young to Gamble

The One Direction teens had it figured out. When the four band members were 18, they booked a weekend at The Palms in Las Vegas to get their groove on.

The age of drinking and gambling in the UK is 18. In the United States, you can only do so from the age of 21. Americans don’t turn a blind eye, even to world stars.

Harry Styles and his companions were firmly shown the door in every casino.

Past Convictions Continue to Haunt Rapper Lil Wayne

Less clear is why rapper Lil Wayne continues to be denied entry at Wynn Las Vegas. The casino is vague about it, though a past conviction is said to be at its root.

In Louisiana, Wayne was convicted of violence under the influence of alcohol. One of the conditions the court imposed on him was that he could no longer drink alcohol.

When Wayne was evicted from the Wynn in 2010, he was doing just that. Later, he was also not welcome at an after-party for rapper Drake.


Celebrities get privileges in many places because they attract attention. But being famous is not enough to be able to afford anything in a casino.